Easel Kickoff meeting.

EASEL Consortium

12 December 2013, Barcelona
We are pleased to announce the Kick-off meeting of the project  "Expressive Agents for Symbiotic Education and Learning - EASEL - funded by 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, Robotics Unit of DG CONNECT [Ref. FP7-ICT- 611971].
The project is coordinated by Paul Verschure of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and is a collaboration with Tony Prescott of University of Sheffield, Barnabas Takacs of the Semmelweis University (SE), Budapest, Hungary, Vanessa Evers of the University of Twente (UT), The Netherlands, Danilo De Rossi of the University of Pisa (UNIPI), Italy.
The meeting is hosted by the project coordinator Paul Verschure and his group SPECS at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona on 12th and 13th December 2013.
During these 2 days of meeting, the scientists of the efAA consortium will coordinate their efforts and synchronize on the tasks that will allow the project to fulfill its objectives.
EASEL will explore and develop a theoretical understanding of human-robot symbiotic interaction (HRSI) where symbiosis is defined as the capacity of the robot and the person to mutually influence each other, and alter each other’s behaviour over different time-scales (for instance, within encounters and across encounters).
EASEL will implement a new set of Robotic Based Tutoring Solutions (RBTS) and will deliver an innovative Synthetic Tutor Assistant (STA) incorporating key features of human tutors and other proven approaches capable to instruct a human user and learn from their interactions during large time scales. EASEL will develop new cross-disciplinary theoretical models for intelligent learning systems and test them into learning contexts including interaction with children, in the classroom and in museums.