EASEL integration meeting. Barcelona 12-16 September 2016


The 4th EASEL integration meeting takes place in Barcelona. 

All the partners of the consortium have participated given the common objectives of advancing the technical integration of all the modules and defining/preparing the demonstrator scenario to be showcased at the next review meeting. In particular:
- The FACE robot has been successfully  installed in UPF where it will stay for the next three months (until the final review meeting).
- FACE has been integrated with capabilities controlled by ASAP which is now the EASEL Agent Control Engine. FACE and Zeno  can now express equivalent behaviors.
- We now have an architecture that is platform independent
- The overall architecture has been also installed and tested on dedicated machines at UPF ready for use
- Synchronization and fine tuning of the different modules
- We discussed and formalized the kind of scenarios we want to showcase in the next review. Further details will be discussed and implemented in the following weeks. More details will be provided in the minutes of the IM that will be circulated in the next days for approval.

Great work all!