EASEL will explore and develop a theoretical understanding of human-robot symbiotic interaction (HRSI) where symbiosis is defined as the capacity of the robot and the person to mutually influence each other, and alter each other’s behaviour over different time-scales (for instance, within encounters and across encounters). Symbiosis requires that the robot can read, and be responsive to, the behaviour and emotional state of the person, and adapt its own behaviour to take into account the user social context and extract knowledge from long sequences of behavioural interaction and changing its action responses accordingly.
This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT-2013-10) under grant agreement n° 611971.

Progress made for the integration meeting in Twente and BCBT in Barcelona

EASEL UTwente - Balancing exercise Video demonstrating both a balance learning task and a physical balancing exercise with the Zeno R25 robot

Homeostatic/Allostatic Control- This video shows the software modules from UPF and UTwente being cross tested. More specifically: UPF's OPC and homeostatic/allostatic control are running on UTwente machines, while UTwente's TCP/IP-YARP Bridge, Flipper and ASAP are running on UPF machines.

2015 EASEL BCBT integration at UPF- This video shows the results of the 2015 EASEL BCBT integration at UPF. During this integration we have realised a working balance beam demo, consisting of UPF's DAC, physical balance beam and EASELScope modules, and UTwente's Flipper and ASAP modules

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Zeno animations showing different emotional expressions

- sad - - happy - - hands-up - - jump up - - wave hands   (work from EASEL Sheffield group)

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EASEL PHYSIOReader: measuring Physiological signals

This video shows the progress made by the EASEL PHYSIOReader team.

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EASEL - small talk emotion demo

This demo video shows the SceneAnalyser and the speech recognition module working together to understand the user's emotions.

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Videos illustrating progress in the EASEL architecture integration
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